How to download images from using Bulk Image Downloader is one of the world's most popular image hosting web sites. and contains many hundreds of millions of images.


Downloading images from can be difficult as many images are "spaceballed" (right clickling on an image and selecting "save image as" will save a 1x1 pixel spaceball.gif file instead of the desired image). If you're after the original sized images it can be more painful still as you have to click on an "all sizes" link and then click on the desired image size (medium, large, original) before you can access the image.


Bulk Image Downloader makes downloading from flickr very quick and easy. Please follow the step by step guide below:


NB: Please respect the copyright of others. You are responsible for making use of Flickr photos in compliance with the photo owners' requirements or restriction.


A Step by Step Guide to Downloading Images from


1. Navigate to a web page containing thumbnailed links to the images you'd like to download (not an individual flickr image page). This can be a search result page, a photostream page, a set page, or any other page on containing thumbnailed images that link to single image pages.


2. Right click inside the web page and select "Open current page with BID". (FireFox users please install the BID FireFox extension to enable browser integration, Google Chrome users please install the BID Chrome extension). BID integrates automatically with Internet Explorer and Opera.


3. BID will open and begin loading each page from the currently selected gallery. By default BID loads a maximum of 20 pages. To increase this change the "Download multiple forum pages. Max Pages" setting on the BID configuration tab. To stop BID from loading multiple pages click on the Cancel button or press Esc while it's downloading the pages - it will then process only the pages it has already downloaded.


4. Once all the pages have been downloaded BID will scan them for thumbnailed links and display them. As full sized images are desired make sure that the BID Filter is set to 'Thumbnailed images only' (press Alt+1). If the filter is set to 'Embedded images only' then BID will download the thumbnails on the pages instead of the full sized images on the linked pages.

BID Filter

BID Image Type Filter buttons (Thumbnailed images only selected)


5. You can now browse through the images on the list. Click on the view buttons to display the results as a list or as thumbnails of different size.

BID Detailed and Thumbnailed views

 BID Thumbnail view buttons (Detailed view selected)


6. When browsing the results, you can double click on an image item in the detailed view to view the thumbnail image. Double click on thumbnailed images to view the full sized images. Delete the images you don't wish to download from the list by selecting them and pressing the Delete key. Select multiple images by shift and/or control clicking on the images.


7. Once you're satisfied with the results click on the 'Download button' (or press F9) to begin downloading the images. The images will be saved to the specified "download to" folder, optionally within a new subfolder named after the current page title (if the 'save to web page title subfolder' option is enabled). To download just the selected images, hold down the shift key while clicking the download button (or press shift+F9).


By default BID will try to download the original sized images, and if not available, the next largest available. The preferred flickr image size to download can be set via Configuration->Advanced Configuration->Images->Flickr preferred image size. 


Downloading Protected Content from

Some images (such as those containing adult content) are only available to users that are currently logged into flickr. User login information is stored in a "cookie" (a small amount of data stored within your web browser) when you log into the site. In order for BID to be able to download these images BID must be able to retrieve this cookie information from the browser. If BID fails to retrieve this information then it will fail to download any protected content.


To ensure that BID works correctly with such content please do the following:

1. Make sure that the 'Load cookies from' browser setting on the BID configuration tab is set to your browser type.

2. When logging into flickr, enable the 'keep me logged in' option. This will write your user information to a cookie that will be read by BID.

3. Always launch BID directly from the gallery page you wish to download from via the right click menu (don't copy and paste the link from the browser into BID).


For best results with flickr and other sites that use cookies for authentication please use FireFox with the BID FireFox extension installed. The reason for this is that BID is able to access all cookie information from FireFox directly, while the other browsers hide certain types of cookie data .