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BID QuickStart Guide - Click here to view (Highly Recommended)

We strongly recommend that all BID users view the BID QuickStart Guide. It is a short online tutorial that demonstrates how to use BID to download full sized images from a thumbnailed web gallery. Even if you've been using BID for years and think you know it all please check it out anyway - you might still learn something!


Download User's Guide

View Guide Online

Bulk Image Downloader User's Guide (PDF, English) [1.6MB]

BID Handbuch (PDF, Deutsch) [2.3MB]

 If you have trouble viewing the PDF in your browser please right click on the link and select 'Save target as...'
(Thanks to André Heinrich for the German translation)


How to download from password protected web forums and web sites:

Some web forums and web sites require users to log in before certain types of content can be displayed. Trying to access protected content without logging in will normally direct the user to a login page. User login information is usually stored in a cookie on the local PC and BID must be able to access this cookie information in order to download from the site successfully.
For BID to work correctly with such sites please follow these 2 simple steps:
1. When logging into the web site from your browser, always enable the "remember me" (or equivalent) option. (This causes the login information to be written to a cookie)
Forum login
2. Always launch BID from your browser's right click context menu (right click inside the web page to access it). This allows BID to receive the current cookie information directly from the browser.
For best results with such sites we recommend FireFox 3.5 or better with the BID FireFox extension installed. The reason for recommending FireFox is that when combined with the BID FireFox extension, it's possible for BID to load all current cookie information. Depending on the way a web site is set up, other browsers may not make all of the relevant cookie information available, causing BID to fail to download correctly.
BID User's Guide Table of Contents
1. What is Bulk Image Downloader?
2. Bulk Image Downloader Applications
3. Web Browser Integration
4. Downloading a web gallery with BID
5. Other BID functions
6. BID Configuration
7. BID Advanced Configuration
8. BID Queue Manager
9. BID Link Explorer