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Bulk Image Downloader Opera Extension Print
The latest versions of Opera are now based on Chrome and can use Chrome extensions. Thus the BID extension for Opera is exactly the same as the BID Chrome Extension . If you're using Opera version 12 or below then BID integration with the browser is automatic and you don't need this extension.


To use the BID Chrome extension with Opera you must first install the "Download Chrome Extension" from here:



Once this is installed, install the BID Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store here:

Opera will display the error "The extension was disabled because it came from an unknown source. Go to the Extensions Manager to enable it." at the top of the page after you install it. Click on the "Go" button to view your extensions, then click on the Bulk Image Downloader "Install" button to enable it. 

IMPORTANT: To make use of this extension you must upgrade to BID version or newer.
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