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How to translate BID into other languages Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 October 2007

BID supports multiple languages. If your language is not currently supported you can create your own translation by following these instructions.


If you create a new translation and send it to us to share with other BID users we'll give you a free registration code!


Very Important: Before you start please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  with details of the language you intend to translate BID into - we'll be able to confirm whether or not the language has already been supported (but possibly not released yet) so that you don't waste your time.


1. Download and install poedit. Poedit is used to edit the translation files used by BID: http://poedit.sourceforge.net/download.php

2. Create the following folder (assuming BID was installed to c:\Program Files\Bulk Image Downloader):
c:\Program Files\Bulk Image Downloader\locale\XX\LC_MESSAGES
(where XX is your language code. See the end of this doc for language  codes).

3. Copy the file "c:\Program Files\Bulk Image Downloader\locale\en\LC_MESSAGES\Default.po" to this newly created folder. This file contains all the english text used in the program.


Locate the bim.ini file (Bulk Image Downloader configuration file).

For XP, it is located in: C:\Documents and Settings \"user name"\Local Settings\Application Data\BID

For Vista it is located in: C:\Users\"user name"\AppData\Roaming\BID


Edit the bim.ini file and change the line "Language=XX" to use your new language code. 

4. Open the newly copied "c:\Program Files\Bulk Image Downloader\locale\XX\LC_MESSAGES\default.po" file with poedit. At the top of the screen is a list of all the English text strings used in the program. The bottom section has 4 windows. The top left window shows the original english text. The top right window displays a comment (if available) that will help explain where the text is used in the program. Type the translated text into the bottom left window. Note that double quotes and some other characters need to be 'escaped' by a "\" character - you'll see a few in the text so use them in your translated text as well if appropriate.

5. Once you've worked your way through all the text save the default.po file and close poedit. Every time you save the default.po file poedit will automatically created a compiled version of this file named "default.mo". BID will use this default.mo file to look up translations.

6. Test the translation by starting BID and the BID Queue Manager. If BID does not pick up the new language double check that you've created the correct subdirectories with the correct names. Also check that the "LANG=" line has been updated correctly in the "C:\Program Files\Bulk ImageDownloader\bim.ini" file.


7. Once you're happy with the translation please email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it so that we can share it
with other BID users. Let us know what name (your real name or a nickname) you'd like us to use to give you credit for the translation.



Maybe you don't like one of the existing translations? 

1. Simply edit the appropriate default.po file with poedit and save it.
2. Restart BID or the BID Queue Manager to use the new translation.

3. Send the new default.po file to us (mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ) with details of what you changed and why.


Note that some language codes have variations, such as en_US or en_GB. These variations are optional and BID will only use them if the Windows locale matches exactly. If no match is found it will then match on the 2 letter code only. In other words, use the 2 letter code unless you
really need a country specific version.


aa Afar
ab Abkhazian
ae Avestan
af Afrikaans
ak Akan
am Amharic
an Aragonese
ar Arabic
as Assamese
av Avaric
ay Aymara
az Azerbaijani
ba Bashkir
be Belarusian
bg Bulgarian
bh Bihari
bi Bislama
bm Bambara
bn Bengali
bo Tibetan
br Breton
bs Bosnian
ca Catalan
ce Chechen
ch Chamorro
co Corsican
cr Cree
cs Czech
cv Chuvash
cy Welsh
da Danish
de German
de_AT Austrian German
de_CH Swiss German
dv Divehi
dz Dzongkha
ee Ewe
el Greek
en English
en_AU Australian English
en_CA Canadian English
en_GB British English
en_US American English
eo Esperanto
es Spanish
et Estonian
eu Basque
fa Persian
ff Fulah
fi Finnish
fj Fijian
fo Faroese
fr French
fr_BE Walloon
fy Frisian
ga Irish
gd Gaelic
gl Gallegan
gn Guarani
gu Gujarati
gv Manx
ha Hausa
he Hebrew
hi Hindi
ho Hiri Motu
hr Croatian
ht Haitian
hu Hungarian
hy Armenian
hz Herero
ia Interlingua
id Indonesian
ie Interlingue
ig Igbo
ii Sichuan Yi
ik Inupiaq
io Ido
is Icelandic
it Italian
iu Inuktitut
ja Japanese
jv Javanese
ka Georgian
kg Kongo
ki Kikuyu
kj Kuanyama
kk Kazakh
kl Greenlandic
km Khmer
kn Kannada
ko Korean
kr Kanuri
ks Kashmiri
ku Kurdish
kw Cornish
kv Komi
ky Kirghiz
la Latin
lb Luxembourgish
lg Ganda
li Limburgan
ln Lingala
lo Lao
lt Lithuanian
lu Luba-Katanga
lv Latvian
mg Malagasy
mh Marshallese
mi Maori
mk Macedonian
ml Malayalam
mn Mongolian
mo Moldavian
mr Marathi
ms Malay
mt Maltese
my Burmese
na Nauru
nb Norwegian Bokmaal
nd Ndebele, North
ne Nepali
ng Ndonga
nl Dutch
nl_BE Flemish
nn Norwegian Nynorsk
no Norwegian
nr Ndebele, South
nv Navajo
ny Chichewa
oc Occitan
oj Ojibwa
om Oromo
or Oriya
os Ossetian
pa Panjabi
pi Pali
pl Polish
ps Pushto
pt Portuguese
pt_BR Brazilian Portuguese
qu Quechua
rm Raeto-Romance
rn Rundi
ro Romanian
ru Russian
rw Kinyarwanda
sa Sanskrit
sc Sardinian
sd Sindhi
se Northern Sami
sg Sango
si Sinhalese
sk Slovak
sl Slovenian
sm Samoan
sn Shona
so Somali
sq Albanian
sr Serbian
ss Swati
st Sotho, Southern
su Sundanese
sv Swedish
sw Swahili
ta Tamil
te Telugu
tg Tajik
th Thai
ti Tigrinya
tk Turkmen
tl Tagalog
tn Tswana
to Tonga
tr Turkish
ts Tsonga
tt Tatar
tw Twi
ty Tahitian
ug Uighur
uk Ukrainian
ur Urdu
uz Uzbek
ve Venda
vi Vietnamese
vo Volapuk
wa Walloon
wo Wolof
xh Xhosa
yi Yiddish
yo Yoruba
za Zhuang
zh Chinese
zu Zulu