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A registration code must be purchased in order to unlock BID's full functionality after the trial period ends.

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Antibody Software Limited

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For your peace of mind Antibody Software offers an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. All prices are in US Dollars.

No Nonsense Licensing!

  • Your purchased registration code may be used multiple times to install and register BID on all of your day to day PCs (code is not locked to a single PC)
  • Registration codes don't expire
  • Receive priority support
  • Receive FREE upgrades for 1 year

Select the appropriate licence type and enter in your email address and name. The email address and name may be left blank if paying via PayPal (your PayPal name and email will be linked to the registration code instead). The email address and name is required when paying via Stripe or AliPay. Click on either the "PAY WITH PAYPAL", "PAY WITH STRIPE" or "PAY WITH ALIPAY" buttons to purchase a BID registration code via PayPal, Stripe or AliPay. When the transaction completes, your registration code will be emailed to your email address.

Your registration code will be available to you immediately after the transaction completes and will be displayed in your browser window. To view your registration code simply select PayPal's 'Return to Antibody Software' link once your transaction is complete (if paying with PayPal), or simply wait for Stripe or AliPay to redirect you back to our site.

Click here for the BID registration FAQ.

  • Your registration code may be used to register BID on all of your day to day PCs. You don't need to buy additional registration codes for each PC.
  • You will be entitled to free upgrades for 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Your registration code does not expire, even if you choose not to continue upgrading.
  • For your peace of mind we offer an unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all BID purchases
  • Antibody Software never sees your credit card details - payments are processed by PayPal
  • By buying a registration code you help us to continually improve and expand BID's capabilities. We appreciate your support!

You will be entitled to free upgrades for 1 year from the date of purchase. To upgrade simply download the latest version of BID from our web site and install it over your existing copy. You don't need to uninstall first, or re-register the software after upgrading.

When the free upgrade period ends you have 2 options:

  • Option 1:   Purchase an Upgrade Code
    You can purchase an "upgrade code" to extend the upgrade period by 1 year. Upgrade codes cost US$12.95.
    To do this start BID, then click on the 'About' tab. Click on the 'Extend upgrade period button' (only visible if your copy of BID is already registered). Click on the 'Click here to purchase an upgrade code' button to be taken to our website where you can purchase an upgrade code. Once you have the code enter it into the space provided and click on the 'Validate' button.
  • Option 2:   Install an older version
    You can install an earlier version of BID that has a version date less than or equal to your current upgrade date. Earlier versions are available here.

Please allow up to two hours after your order has been processed to receive any emails. If your email account has a spam-filter, these emails may be sent to your junk email folder. If you're using a spam filtering service that requires manual email authorization, such as Spam Arrest, please allow up to one business day to receive these emails.

If you have any queries regarding your order please contact us.

If you've lost your code or would like your registration code resent then please click here to have your registration code emailed to you.


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