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What's new in 28 October 2020

  • support updated
  • support added
  • support updated
  • Coppermine gallery support updated
  • support updated
  • support updated
  • support updated

What's new in 13 October 2020

  • support added
  • album support added
  • support added
  • imagefap added to "delay" list to try and prevent "too many requests" error. Imagefap downloads will be limited to 1 at a time with a delay between each one.
  • facebook support updated
  • support updated
  • photo support added
  • support added
  • support added
  • fixed another issue with some thumbnails not being detected if "Save images using image title as file name" advanced config option enabled
  • improved cookie support for latest versions of Firefox (BID would have loaded cookies from incorrect FireFox profile directory due to recent Firefox changes)
    This should fix Cloudflare loading issues with sites like for Firefox users
  • automatic updates will now launch installer in non silent mode to allow user to control the installation process

What's new in 24 September 2020

  • fixed bug that might have caused problems with file renaming and could have left files saved with no extension
  • fixed issue with some thumbnails not being detected if "Save images using image title as file name" advanced config option enabled
  • support updated

What's new in 23 September 2020

  • fixes problem with incorrect build of Queue Manager in 5.81 which prevented it from working correctly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

What's new in 22 September 2020

  • support updated (thumbnails will appear blank but full sized images will still download)
  • support updated
  • support updated
  • imgmaze, imgoutlet, imgrock, imgtown, imgdew, imgview support updated
  • support updated
  • xhamster gallery support updated
  • flickr group downloads now supports user filtering (
  • support added
  • support updated
  • thumbnail detection improved - many site thumbnails will now be auto detected without any configuration required
  • new option in advanced config: "Only download and display on screen thumbnails when in thumbnail view"
    Turn this option off to make BID download display all thumbnail images even if they're not on screen.
  • stability improvements

What's new in 10 September 2020

  • flickr support updated (small images might have been missed in some cases)
  • support added
  • instagram support updated
  • support added
  • support added
  • thumbnails that fail to load will now display "broken image" icon instead of "loading..."
  • fixed some memory leaks that could lead to instability and/or sudden closures when using thumbnail view
  • improved memory management

What's new in 7 September 2020

  • Dialog message boxes would sometimes appear behind other windows which would make BID appear to be hanging - fixed
  • Internet Explorer integration was not working with 64 bit BID - fixed
  • Fixed possible "runtime error 231" messages in 64 bit version

What's new in 4 September 2020

  • 64 bit version now available! No more "out of memory" errors when dealing with huge image lists. Please use the 64 bit version unless you're using 32 bit Windows. 32 bit version will be automatically uninstalled when you install 64 bit version.
  • facebook support updated - processing speed increased, less memory used.
  • twitter support update. PNG and GIF files can now be downloaded.
  • improved cloudflare handling. Sites using Cloudflare (like should load correctly again. If page fails to load, please use "BID Site Login" function (Ctrl+Alt+L) and answer the Captcha questions if any are displayed, then close and try again.
  • tiktok support updated
  • ebay support updated
  • pexels support updated
  • pixiv support updated
  • very long file names might have caused errors when attempting to download images (fixed)
  • fixed buggy taskbar component used in 5.77 (caused problems with minimizing/restoring BID when multiple instances were active)
  • support for automatic download of upgrades

What's new in 13 August 2020

  • tiktok video download support added
  • support updated
  • furaffinity support updated (improved multi page support)
  • single post links now supported. Only images in the individual post will be loaded. (for URLS ending in #post********* e.g.********)
  • reddit user posts were not being converted to old.reddit correctly - fixed. Multipage loading also working
  • support updated
  • support updated
  • reply thread multi page handling updated
  • members support added
  • support updated
  • thumbnail view multi page support added
  • BID will now only load and display visible thumbnails instead of trying to download all (saves memory and time when dealing with very large image lists)
  • save folder would be incorrectly set to temp folder when saving individual viewed images (fixed)
  • download progress will now be displayed in task bar icon
  • attempted to prevent "focus stealing" issue that might happen when loading pages containing javascript (due to use of embedded Chromium)

What's new in 22 July 2020

  • imagevenue support updated. New style imagevenue now working.
  • tumblr support updated (images could not be downloaded or displayed)
  • support updated
  • support updated
  • support updated (improved image detection)
  • galleries can now be loaded past page 50
  • support updated
  • support added
  • yandex image search updated
  • support updated

What's new in 6 July 2020

  • Improved "new facebook" detection. Some album pages were not being detected as new facebook style and not extracted correctly. Note that BID works fastest on "old style" facebook.
  • videos now supported. Note that all discovered thumbnail links will now be tagged as videos even if they aren't. Images will still download normally if the link is not a video files, and the file name extension will be changed to the appropriate image type when saving (e.g. jpg, png, gif).
  • video support added. BID will now detect and download videos from this site.
  • / / support updated
  • support updated
  • support added
  • support updated
  • support updated
  • gfycat support updated (mp4 videos now supported)
  • support updated (hd mp4 videos will now be downloaded)
  • BID can now be configured to automatically convert thumbnail image URLs to full sized image links for sites where this is possible. This is done by adding expressions to the Advanced Config "Include list" in this format:
    where thumb_reg_expr is a regular expression matching the thumbnail image URL and full_sized_expr is a regular expression referencing the matched link to create a new full sized image link.
    e.g. **example\.com/thumbnails/(.*)\.(jpg|png|gif)>>$1\.$2
    This would auto convert thumbnails of the form to

What's new in 21 June 2020

  • BID would fail to load some pages containing javascript on certain PCs (loading would hang) - fixed
  • "Escape" hotkey would not cancel page loads when loading certain types of page - fixed

What's new in 19 June 2020

  • working again. Make sure BID is configured to load cookies from the correct browser or page loading will fail.
    Note that BID will not be able to read the cookies if your browser is in incognito mode, so please use regular browsing mode for this site. BID will now work on any onlyfans page - not just /photos and /videos
  • support updated
  • newtumbl support updated (gifs can now be downloaded)
  • / support added
  • support added
  • ( support added
  • image support updated
  • google image seach "login/invalid cookie" error fixed
  • cookie and user agent handling improved (for best results with sites that require login please use BID with the appropriate BID browser extension for your browser)
  • file type misidentification may have led to images failing to download
  • BID Link Explorer updated - improved cookie handling and UI tweaks
  • BID applications were not remembering their locations correctly when "snapping" was used (Windows key + arrow keys) - fixed
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