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To update/upgrade your existing version of BID, simply download and run the installer at the top of this page - you don't need to uninstall the older version first.

If you install a version of BID that is outside of your free upgrade period then BID will prompt you to purchase an upgrade code when it starts.

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What's new in 22 July 2020

  • imagevenue support updated. New style imagevenue now working.
  • tumblr support updated (images could not be downloaded or displayed)
  • giphy.com support updated
  • unsplash.com support updated
  • weibo.com support updated (improved image detection)
  • zerochan.net galleries can now be loaded past page 50
  • minitokyo.net support updated
  • renderotica.com support added
  • yandex image search updated
  • hotcelebshome.com support updated

What's new in 6 July 2020

  • Improved "new facebook" detection. Some album pages were not being detected as new facebook style and not extracted correctly. Note that BID works fastest on "old style" facebook.
  • newtumbl.com videos now supported. Note that all discovered thumbnail links will now be tagged as videos even if they aren't. Images will still download normally if the link is not a video files, and the file name extension will be changed to the appropriate image type when saving (e.g. jpg, png, gif).
  • bdsmlr.com video support added. BID will now detect and download videos from this site.
  • movieparadise.org / tmdb.org / themoviedb.org support updated
  • weibo.com support updated
  • fandom.com support added
  • imagevenue.com support updated
  • reddit.com support updated
  • gfycat support updated (mp4 videos now supported)
  • redgifs.com support updated (hd mp4 videos will now be downloaded)
  • BID can now be configured to automatically convert thumbnail image URLs to full sized image links for sites where this is possible. This is done by adding expressions to the Advanced Config "Include list" in this format:
    where thumb_reg_expr is a regular expression matching the thumbnail image URL and full_sized_expr is a regular expression referencing the matched link to create a new full sized image link.
    e.g. **example\.com/thumbnails/(.*)\.(jpg|png|gif)>>example.com/original/$1\.$2
    This would auto convert thumbnails of the form example.com/thumbnails/(image.ext) to example.com/original/(image.ext)

What's new in 21 June 2020

  • BID would fail to load some pages containing javascript on certain PCs (loading would hang) - fixed
  • "Escape" hotkey would not cancel page loads when loading certain types of page - fixed

What's new in 19 June 2020

  • onlyfans.com working again. Make sure BID is configured to load cookies from the correct browser or page loading will fail.
    Note that BID will not be able to read the cookies if your browser is in incognito mode, so please use regular browsing mode for this site. BID will now work on any onlyfans page - not just /photos and /videos
  • bdsmlr.com support updated
  • newtumbl support updated (gifs can now be downloaded)
  • family-album.com / mitene.us support added
  • redgifs.com support added
  • rajce.net (rajce.idnes.cz) support added
  • i.redd.it image support updated
  • google image seach "login/invalid cookie" error fixed
  • cookie and user agent handling improved (for best results with sites that require login please use BID with the appropriate BID browser extension for your browser)
  • file type misidentification may have led to images failing to download
  • BID Link Explorer updated - improved cookie handling and UI tweaks
  • BID applications were not remembering their locations correctly when "snapping" was used (Windows key + arrow keys) - fixed
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