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2. Bulk Image Downloader Applications

BID comprises of 3 different applications:

  Bulk Image Downloader (BID)

BID is the main image downloading tool. It scans web pages for thumbnailed and embedded images and presents the results to the user. Users can browse through the images found and preview selected full sized images before deciding which to download.

Multiple instances of BID can be active at a time, each working on a different web page or gallery.

  BID Queue Manager

The BID Queue Manager is used to maintain a list of web gallery or web page links to be downloaded. While active, it will automatically launch it's own instance of BID (running in a special automatic mode) to download images from the first gallery in the list. As soon as BID completes the download, the gallery link is removed from the list and the next gallery in the queue is started. The BID Queue Manager can be left to download huge lists of web galleries without any human intervention.

  BID Link Explorer

The BID Link Explorer is designed to process web pages that contain links to multiple web galleries (web gallery "index" pages). It extracts all links from the selected web page and displays them on screen. The user can then select the appropriate gallery links and send them all to the BID Queue Manager for later downloading. Each link can also be opened in a separate instance of BID if required.

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