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9. BID Link Explorer

  The BID Link Explorer makes it easy to extract links from a web page and to add them the BID Queue Manager.

It's most useful with web gallery "index" pages that contain links to many different gallery pages.

Browse to a web page containing gallery indexes, then right click and select "Open current page with BID Link Explorer".

Launch BID Link Explorer from your browser's right click menu

The BID Link Explorer will start and after a few seconds it will display all the links found on the page.

BID Link Explorer has scanned all the links on the page

To use BID Link Explorer without browser integration, simply start it up and type the gallery URL into the "URL of page containing GALLERY links" field (or copy and paste it from your browser). After entering the URL press the Scan button or simply press Enter to have it scan for links.

Scanning Multiple Pages with "Range Specifiers"

BID Link Explorer supports "range specifiers", which lets you load multiple index pages. See the "Multi Page Loading using URL Range Specifiers" section of this document for more information on how to use range specifiers. For example, entering the following URL:

This will make BID Link Explorer load the following pages:

Append to Existing Links

If enabled, each scan will append links to the list without clearing it first.

Delete links from list after sending to queue manager

If enabled, any links sent to the queue manager will be removed from the list after sending.

Selecting Links

To select a single link simply click on it. To select a range of links click on the first link, then hold the Shift key and click on the last link. To select multiple links hold down the Ctrl key and click on each link.

Double click on a link to send it directly to the Queue Manager.

Right click on the list for more selection options, including selection by regular expression.

Various selection options are available from the right click menu

Send to BID Queue Manager

Clicking on this button will send all the selected links to the BID Queue Manager where they will be queued for download.

Selected gallery links have been sent to the Queue Manager

Open with BID

Clicking on this button will open each link in a separate instance of BID.


Link Explorer Filter

Use the filter to show only text and/or URLs that contain the selected text. Use this to quickly separate the real gallery links from other page links, or to find specific links.

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